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CIANT Corporation has served Fortune 500 companies like American Express, MCI WorldCom, NEC, Fujitsu and Nortel since 1994, in financial and telecommunications services. As a result of a reorganization in July 1998, CIANT has now focussed its technologies expertise on CRM, PRM and various e-business solutions with DataGYM -- its Data Management Middleware software tool set.

Our efficient offshore R&D Center in India provides for rapid and flexible development, enables a 24/7 service-support center, and scouts continuously for new software talent.

Industries CIANT Covers

Diversified Financial Services Industry

    • Banks
    • Insurance
    • Mortgage
    • Auto Finance/Credit Card
    • Brokerage/Trust/Investments

Healthcare Industry

    • Medical Practices
    • Hospitals/Clinics

Telecommunications Industry

    • Local Services (LECs)
    • Long Distance Services IECs)
    • CLECs/Internet Services
    • Enhanced/Operator Services
    • Wireless Services

CIANT Skills

  • CIANT employees, our most important asset, are highly motivated and adaptable individuals, with expert-level skill sets in different areas..
  • Individuals in all technical work groups are qualified computer science graduates and/or engineers .
  • Individual industry experience ranges from 2 years to 16 years, with median of 8 years.

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