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DataGYM is not just about licensing and custom installation on site. DataGYM Services provide low cost and perhaps the highest quality data management and analytical services available.

These services are based on DataGYM installed on a farm of multiple CPU based Client/Servers configured in a fault tolerant environment and a high quality process. 8 CPU based and containing over 1 terabyte of space, the Servers run Windows NT, UNIX, Oracle 8.i and DataGYM to provide a highly scalable environment, which can be leveraged by even customers with modest resources.

DataGYM Services enables anyone to leverage our pool of Statisticians and Modelers to bring to bear the power of predictive modeling and statistical analysis on his/her business to improve profitability and enhance growth.

DataGYM Services provide a host of affordable solutions to support recurring or one-off requests:

  • Database or Data Conversions
  • Database or Data Cleanup
  • Data Validation and Standardization
  • Merging data from different data sources into one coherent body of information
  • Datamart Creation
  • Database Maintenance
  • Extraction of timely data for customer acquisition and loyalty programs
  • Best Customer Profile and Statistical Analysis
  • Recency, Frequency, Monetary Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Attrition Analysis
  • Pricing Models
  • Response, Risk, Attrition, Net Present Value Models

DataGYM Services can easily integrate with Customers internal IT infrastructure based on EDI (electronic data interchange), intranet and fractional T1 connections to augment existing internal capabilities and deliver a world-class platform to grow ones business very quickly.

Benefits of Using DataGYM

DataGYM is perhaps the most powerful matching engine available.

It can match data, organize the relationships identified and integrate the related data if necessary into actionable data. You will be able to match and organize data from any number of data sources as we have already handled various formats you will be able to match data in multiple formats and still ensure accurate matching of data. DataGYM has a proprietary Phonics based matching algorithm to match data phonetically and overcome phonetic variations in the data. As more and more data is arriving from Telemarketing channels this has become vital to business. What is more, DataGYM can match one set of data to a different set of data to ensure that data has not got switched intentionally or unintentionally.

DataGYM has over 230 probabilistic algorithms.

These are used to determine if there is match in the data. These probabilistic rules can be changed on the fly as there are other business rules that can change on the fly such as data source priorities, number of match levels, how to deal with missing or ambiguous data.

DataGYM has ways to reduce false-positive matches.

It is unique in its ability to identify more Type I errors while at the same time reduce Type II errors. Traditionally the relationship between Type I and Type II errors is linear and as one attempts to identify more Type I error the number of Type II error increases and businesses have to spend more money and analyst time in review of Type II errors in an attempt to root-out the more expensive Type I error.

DataGYM can identify an unlimited number of relationships

Most software that identifies relationships in data can do one or two, and some even have been able to establish three different relationships from the data. But, DataGYM is limitless in this respect. It establishes these relationships in one pass, and with data from multiple sources. DataGYM navigates the data like a magnet looking for needle in a haystack. It can "instantly" parse data if necessary and complete a matching process within seconds.

DataGYM is extremely proficient at handling international data and foreign characters.

It contains over 100 tables defining its runtime operations, business rules and language contexts in the process. This allows DataGYM to handle data in the US, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Asia or Japan with equal ease. The software tools maintain lingual knowledge base that helps it to identify Name and Address components wherever it is and gives it the ability to understand poorly formatted name and address data. DataGYM can deliver data management solutions around the world.

Ask us!  Find out what we can deliver in 90 days or less!

Service Bureau:
CIANT offers the whole package of DataGYM services to its customers from its operations center in Richardson, Texas, as a full service bureau, with convenient and secure over the web data receipt and delivery methods; as well as analytical services and reports.

Purchase Technology:
You can buy the package of customized DataGYM tools from CIANT and install them at your back office or web hosting site. Recommended for mid- to large-size companies.

Value-added Services:
Statistical work and "data mining" reports can be ordered and delivered over the web from the DataGYM website.

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