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Combine data from multiple sources, formats and languages.

Prospect, cross-sell, and improve customer retention.

Stop premeditated fraud attacks on your business!

Automate exception processing and meet T+1 deadlines.

Does this sound too good to be true?   

Well, there's more…

  • Why send merchandise on credit to someone determined to rip off a business?
  • What do you do when you have less than 12 weeks to get a Database Marketing program initiated in a foreign country with languages, data, names and address lists very different from your Home market?
  • How do you have to create a good impression on a new prospect or a customer on the web or over traditional channels?

The answer is simple: DataGYM.

Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities!

What is DataGYM? Quite simply, it is a data management tool. Data Management means active collection, cleanup and organization of data with the objective of being able to understand and leverage it to arrive at what profitable actions should be taken.

DataGYM has a revolutionary design that can handle all languages, customs and address conventions. It is ruthlessly efficient and can be rapidly deployed in any small, medium or large company with very little implementation time. Explaining the relevance of this breakthrough technology, DataGYM's chief design architect, Sanjib Mallik, said in New York, "This is a tool kit approach to 'set the dials on the fly' for any data source to clean, relate and analyze information, if required with "instant decisioning" capability, guaranteeing 1-to-1 customer profiling and communications."

DataGYM can support all campaign management, sales force automation, CRM and web transaction processes. Beyond customer acquisition, retention and value management, DataGYM can be a powerful platform for B2B transactions that require "instant decisioning" with the click of a mouse, for a variety of applications, such as, fraud appliances, vertical markets, web markets, and web exchange transaction management. This modular software can be implemented with ease at own or third party premises. Also, we offer world-class capability to advise, design and implement statistical and analytical modeling for customer profiling. In addition, we deliver data management services through partners and affiliates for regular and intermittent campaign execution.

Want to know more? Get the technical details here.

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