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Customer Data Integration Fraud Prevention,  Homeland Security & AML Compliance Global Data Quality Tools

Bridge the gap enterprise-wide between data and action.

Match multiple source records with near zero error rates.

Prospect, cross-sell and manage risk in loyalty marketing programs.

Scale easily, deploy rapidly in Domestic and International markets.

Automate compliance with U.S. Patriot Act of 2001, FATF 40, KYC rules.

Auto update from Lists such as OFAC, Australian Securities & Investments Commission, Bank of England, BIS, Money Laundering, United Nations, etc.

Reduce false positives, gain operational efficiency, online or batch operations.

Transform data for standardization, data hygiene, address verification.

Match data to de-dupe, define households and segments as easily in Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia or Australia, as in USA.

Clean CIF, combine with external lists for efficient marketing campaigns.

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