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Company Information

Since 1994, situated in the heart of Telecom corridor in Richardson, Texas, CIANT has . . .

  • served Fortune 500 companies in Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Financial Services industries
  • designed and developed patent-pending, proprietary software tools in data management
  • executed world-class business solutions with demonstrated process expertise

CIANT's premier softwares can be licensed or used in Servicing arrangements . . .


  • Incomparable data management tool with proven results in Fortune 500 companies
  • Undisputed leader in mobilizing, cleaning, standardizing and
  • Unparalleled data quality tool suitable for international markets and multi-country conventions


  • Fourth-generation data management tool to automate compliance and fraud management
  • "Zero Compromise" Compliance with the Patriot Act of 2001, and matching against OFAC (and other government Control lists)

CIANT software solutions have been installed and piloted in three continents . . .